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Hitachi Rice Cooker Hitachi Rice Cooker Hitachi Rice Cooker

Hitachi Rice Cooker

If you are still considering whether to get a new rice cooker, don’t wait any longer. Rice cookers are an incredible time and money saver. You only have to toss in the rice and water, turn the machine on and walk away. You get perfect rice every time and it even keeps your rice hot and fresh until you are ready to eat, allowing you to prepare your rice well in advance without worrying that it will go dry or get cold. The latest models of Hitachi rice cookers are practically idiot-proof, you can’t burn the rice and you can’t get the amount of time wrong. You really don’t have to do anything except put in the ingredients in the correct amounts. Thanks to advanced sensors, you can even get the amounts a little wrong and your rice will still turn out perfect.

Some models of rice cookers will allow you to program the rice to cook later, so if you are going to need the rice to be ready in 4 or 5 hours, you can still ready your rice maker now, and the rice will be ready later, when you need it, without giving you something extra to worry about when you are busy. If you are looking for a model with some great additional features, you should really consider getting a Hitachi rice cooker.

Any good new rice cooker should be able to handle jasmine, rice, brown rice, purple rice, wild rice and even quinoa. The latest Hitachi rice cookers will even cook sticky rice and porridge (something most rice cookers can’t handle). For when you are in a hurry, the newest Hitachi models have a rapid cook setting which will have your rice ready in just a few minutes, which can be a lifesaver when you have unexpected guests, or just didn’t prepare enough food.